Glenn Magee, an actor who trains at The Actor's Scene in Atlanta GA, is one of the stars in Camille Brown's thriller The Nth Ward. Get it today on amazon.
If you’ve ever gotten a phone call at or after midnight you know the anxious feeling that comes with hearing that ringtone. Your first thought is probably something like “Who is calling me this late?”

That’s exactly what went through Atlanta Actor Glenn Magee’s mind when he got the call about a role in the film The Nth Ward at 12:30am. “I almost didn’t answer it”, says Glenn.

It’s a good thing he did answer it though!

The highly anticipated thriller The Nth Ward stars TAS Student Glenn Magee as Mayor Wilton. The film is based on events surrounding Hurricane Katrina and arrives right at the 12th anniversary of the natural disaster that devastated New Orleans in 2005. Ironically the film also arrives as two more devastating hurricanes hit the United States – Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida.

We recently sat down with Glenn to ask him a few questions about his involvement with The Nth Ward film and insights he has gained from his experiences with acting. Follow our interview with the clips below to learn more about this exciting film and to gather some insights for your own career as an actor from Glenn’s experience.


“How do you prepare for something like that?”


“Especially for people in my age category which is…old! There’s always a story to be told.” Glenn Magee


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the recent weather events and Hurricane Katrina.

Written By Dana Rice, TAS Media Director


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