People and communicating with them is a lifelong mission.  NON-NEGOTIABLE.  The Actors Scene believes that being intentional with how you listen, react and respond to one another will benefit you not only on-stage and in front of a camera, but with any role you fulfill!  Acting is a great springboard for LIFE!!!  Whether interviewing for a college scholarship or job, whether going on a first date or keeping that date to live with as a spouse forever, or sharing your dreams with the world, it is all about PEOPLE selling their idea, and receiving others’ ideas.  They want to hear YOU and see an AUTHENTIC version of you, and they want to be heard…just as you do.  Most of us do one really well, but not the other.  That’s where acting training comes in.  Allow TAS to help develop the tools you’ve already been given!shakespeare stage quote

  • Make steady eye contact
  • Speak with confidence and sincerity
  • Remove nervous ticks and fidgets that can distract from your message
  • Learn how to creatively express your ideas!
  • Listen to another person – TRULY listen and observe them – and our connections will grow
  • Encourage others whether you lead or support, because you will do both in Life

Shakespeare understood that we were all “merely players” in this world, but he also already understood HOW MANY roles we will fill in our lifetime.  However, so many of us end up walking in a muted version of ourselves because of shyness, strong accents, feeling misunderstood, being misunderstood, fear of speaking in public, simple things like not understanding social cues…and the big one: not understanding the power and gifts we already carry within us!!  How much more effective we are when we know who we are, and use our voice, face & body to show off our personality and share our vision passionately!

So whether you end up being an accountant, actor, mommy, car salesman, husband, teacher, model, singer, producer, preacher, salon owner, designer, trash man or maybe even an acting coach… the art of communicating with confidence and poise is a skill you will need in Life.  Make the conscious choice to invest in your communication style!  Ready to try out Basic Acting Classes at The Actor’s Scene? Click here to register or call us to schedule a FREE Audit at 770-904-6646