New Seminar Just Announced! On Saturday, July 22nd The Actor’s Scene will host On Set Smarts – You Can Act, Now What? with noted Atlanta Acting Coach Richard Hempton.

This seminar will prepare the actors for the real world demands of a set. From the lowest budget indie to the highest budget blockbuster and everything in between, each set operates with a set of rules, language and crew that can make navigating and using one’s time on set a challenge.

Time is the most valuable thing on set and how an actor uses their time and the time of others is noticed. Crafty? Blues? Pinks? Ones? The world of film and television has its own language and the actor will learn what they should know to keep up with the conversation and stay on time.

What do professional directors, producers, casting directors, writers, crew and veteran actors wish every actor who steps foot on set knew? The information in this seminar is directly from members of IATSE, SAG/AFTRA, DGA, CSA, PGA and WGAe.

We will present in detail and discuss:

TV vs Movies and Union vs Non Union – The differences in each type of set.
Language – the lingo and slang you hear

Safety and Set etiquette

Departments – What does everyone do

Camera direction and How things are shot

Make up and How to handle “down time”

Post production and what actors do after wrap

To register for this MUST ATTEND seminar, visit or call 770-904-6646.

Seminars are always more fun with a friend! Invite a friend and share the love!