Jonna Johnson, Acting Coach
Jonna Johnson, Featured Acting Coach of the 20th Anniversary Black Women Film Summit

The Actor’s Scene’s very own Coach Jonna Johnson shared her coaching expertise with youth attendees at the 20th Anniversary of the Black Women Film Summit which was held in Atlanta, GA recently. It was obvious from the enthusiasm of the young actors that Coach Jonna is a favorite at these events. Many asked questions about exercises and experiences with her from the previous year’s summit as well. The students were also eager to share with her their accomplishments in acting since her last workshop. Commercials, music videos, and films were among the projects they mentioned having worked on.


After the introductions and project shout outs, it was time to


Did you know you could warm up your imagination? Well you can and actors have to! Imaginative work doesn’t just happen, you have to warm it up!


True to her energetic coaching style, Coach Jonna had the young actors up and on their feet for a large part of the workshop. She engaged them in warm up excercises, focus games and role plays.


Anyone who has studied with Coach Jonna knows how supportive she is of her students and that she promotes them at every possible opportunity. This event was no different! She invited TAS Student Tyler Hibbard to assist her in the workshop by leading a focus game called Distractors.


One would think that after a full day as one of the featured coaches for the Black Women Film Summit Coach Jonna would be ready for a break, but NOT COACH JONNA! She headed right back to The Actor’s Scene afterwards for more coaching! Interested in being coached by the best? Visit or call 770-904-6646 to enroll in one of our summer camps or even private coaching. See you soon!