1. Proper marketing of yourself to appeal to the Agent in the correct way is first on the list. Management of your Facebook, Twitter & IG is commonly viewed by Industry Professionals as they can freely view your lifestyle & know whether or not to take you seriously as a partner! Having separate personal and YOU as the ACTOR accounts is highly recommended. Then keeping professional contacts only on the business page and never mixing. This way you can brand yourself and control the things that go up on the actor account. Never vent, post compromising pics or complain on these actor accounts.

2. Have a great variety of professional looks/characters/expressions ready for agent to submit you for auditions that day. The trend today requires actors to have a variety of looks in their photos so that agents can choose the most suitable picture to submit that matches a role. For example, if the role is for a homeless person and the only pic you have is look that is fresh, commercial and smiling, casting is going to have a hard time seeing you could play the role. It’s harder than ever to be chosen for the audition. Help your agent by giving them all the tools they need.

3. Set up your Profile sites (i.e. Actors Access, 800 Casting, Casting Network) for agent to view link.

4. Gain IMDB credits & add to resume (even non paid, short films) are experience so go for it & build that IMDB and your resume. Casting has more confidence in people who have worked before.

5. Sign up to a consistent training program. Most agents are now requiring consistent training for their actors. They are known to drop talent who aren’t staying

trained. The southeast market is more competitive than ever before. In order to compete, you have to gain the skills and keep working toward improvement. That is what professionals do. Agents want to represent actors who are professionals. Not enough time or money is not an acceptable excuse for agents.

6.“Tell me a little bit about yourself?” Are you prepared to answer this dreaded question? Whether is an agent Interview, callback, or casting asking you to talk about yourself on tape, are you prepared with your “60 sec sell”? Agents & Casting Directors ask this to get to know the talent’s personality and life outside of acting. Be prepared for this trick question! Don’t just “list” things for 60 seconds. Pick a couple of things that are interesting and list then use one to lead into a fun story, experience of event that you can talk about that gets you excited to talk about. Then you come across as fun an full of expression naturally.

7.Know the “Because Rule”. Agents will treat an interview like casting would an audition & ask you questions to get to know you & the creativity you possess. Always answer the question with adding a “because” and keep going. Even with questions that only require a one word answer. You can’t showcase your personality with one word answers. For example: What is your favorite color? Purple BECAUSE the color makes me feel calm and steady.

8. ALWAYS get back to your agent within 2 hours of their email or call. They don’t have time to wait on you. If they don’t hear back, they will move on to the next person.

9. ALWAYS be prepared for everything! It’s your job as an actor. Even if you have been told to prepare one thing and you get to audition and they want you to do something else, Smile, say sure and do the other. Don’t try to give excuses or throw your agent under

the bus. Be professional and do the new material with a great attitude. Have prepared 2 contrasting monologues. You may never be asked to do them but if you do and don’t have anything prepared—what does that say about you? BE PREPARED!!

10. For Parents: Let your child answer all questions, plan to wait outside the room, but if invited by agent, do not speak for your child. Prepare your child to be readily willing to have a conversation with their new potential partner in their career!

Know that signing with an agent is a partnership, your agent does not Work for You, but rather With You!

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unnamed-5Written By Jonna Johnson, Head Coach at The Actor’s Scene