Atlanta is one of the top places to live if you’re in the Film/TV Industry, but simply living in the Atlanta area is not enough to give an actor a strong chance at success. To have the best chance at success an actor needs 2 things – quality training and the proper connections. Without the proper connections, an actor may never get a chance to actually land an acting job. Likewise, without training, an actor’s chances of getting an acting job can be diminished even with connections – especially if he/she is going up against trained actors.

So where can an actor get quality training and make connections? 

Two things an actor should look for in an acting school/class are resources and opportunities to utilize what has been learned. An ideal acting school will not only teach students acting techniques but also how to audition! Afterall, auditioning is the job of the actor. Once the actor has begun training, he/she will need an outlet to demonstrate his/her newly acquired skills. At The Actor’s Scene we believe that “Knowledge Without Connections Is Incomplete”.

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That is why each year, our Session Classes end in a showcase where students perform various pieces and show off the skills they have learned throughout the year. Other companies charge hundreds of $$ for talent showcases, but our students only pay a fee of $125 to participate. Local Talent Agents and Casting Directors are invited to the showcase to scout our actors. Many of our actors are offered representation and bookings through being seen in the showcase.


Tangible Results!

Over 20 VIPs including Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, and Talent Managers scouted actors at The Actor’s Scene Showcase! Here are just a few of the many showcase success stories from our students who participated last year:

Guess what?

If you enroll in classes at The Actor’s Scene by March 1st you will be eligible to participate in this year’s VIP Showcase! Interested? Click here for classes for ages 4-101.

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Written By Dana Rice, Media Director for The Actor’s Scene