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TAS Talent Spotlight: Shanelle St. Cyr-Moore

It is no secret that there are a lot of very talented young actors who train at The Actor’s Scene, but there are some pretty talented parents at TAS as well! We caught up with TAS Mom, Shanelle St. Cyr-Moore, to talk about her children’s book series and upcoming film as well as her experience as a parent at TAS. Her daughter, Jaxon (aka Jax), has trained at TAS for a year and a half and is represented by The People Store in Atlanta and The Abram’s Artist Agency in LA.

Watch the video below to see what helpful insights and advice she has for other parents of child actors.


Guess what? Shanelle mentioned that her daughter’s first coach at The Actor’s Scene was Coach Vivi Sawyer. You can catch Vivi in the movie Baby Driver with Jamie Foxx (In theaters June 28, 2017)!

Do you have a child who is interested in acting? Are YOU interested in acting for yourself? We have classes for ages 4-101 in Buford, Cumming, and Dacula. Visit for info on classes and our curriculum. Also be sure to LIKE us on Facebook  for the latest news and happenings at The Actor’s Scene!

On Set Smarts

New Seminar Just Announced! On Saturday, July 22nd The Actor’s Scene will host On Set Smarts – You Can Act, Now What? with noted Atlanta Acting Coach Richard Hempton.

This seminar will prepare the actors for the real world demands of a set. From the lowest budget indie to the highest budget blockbuster and everything in between, each set operates with a set of rules, language and crew that can make navigating and using one’s time on set a challenge.

Time is the most valuable thing on set and how an actor uses their time and the time of others is noticed. Crafty? Blues? Pinks? Ones? The world of film and television has its own language and the actor will learn what they should know to keep up with the conversation and stay on time.

What do professional directors, producers, casting directors, writers, crew and veteran actors wish every actor who steps foot on set knew? The information in this seminar is directly from members of IATSE, SAG/AFTRA, DGA, CSA, PGA and WGAe.

We will present in detail and discuss:

TV vs Movies and Union vs Non Union – The differences in each type of set.
Language – the lingo and slang you hear

Safety and Set etiquette

Departments – What does everyone do

Camera direction and How things are shot

Make up and How to handle “down time”

Post production and what actors do after wrap

To register for this MUST ATTEND seminar, visit or call 770-904-6646.

Seminars are always more fun with a friend! Invite a friend and share the love!


Red Carpets Don’t Just Happen…

Ready to train? Visit The Actor’s Scene at or call 770-904-6646.

And don’t worry, we have SKYPE coaching available for those outside of Atlanta!

Specifically Geared Toward Actors: Alexander Technique Class


Coach Richard Hempton’s unique approach to Alexander Technique is geared specifically for actors. This class will help in developing real and unique physical characters, connecting emotionally to a script though active decisions about tension and movement as well as help to reduce nervous habits that appear in every actor.

The Alexander Technique offers a clear and measured look into the basic principles that govern human movement. Learners will engage the body and mind to reduce tension in daily activities. The mind and body combination makes this training important for actors. The techniques can be applied through rehearsal routines, performances and even the lessening of nervous tension in auditions. We will focus on presence, performance anxiety, movement, speaking voice, connecting mind, emotions, and body. Each lesson will incorporate reading and discussion, hands-on guidance, as well as activities to illustrate Alexander concepts. This class requires a serious commitment from each learner.

Please respond soon as class size is limited. You should submit a 60 second or less taped monologue of your choice to as your audition for this class. All auditions should be submitted no later than April 30th.

8 Week Class
Class Day & Time: Sundays, 5-7p
Class Dates: May 7-June 25th
Cost: $199 for all 8 Weeks
Class Age: 11-17 yrs old

Sleepless and 24 Legacy Actor, Drew Sheer: TAS Talent Spotlight


You’ve seen him on the big screen in Sleepless with Jamie Foxx and T.I. and on the hit Fox series – 24 Legacy, but we’ve seen him in the taping room and in coaching sessions at The Actor’s Scene! We recently had a conversation with Drew Sheer about his work and how he ended up being on some of the biggest shows out right now. Here’s what he had to say…

When and how did you get started with The Actor’s Scene?


You have an interesting story about how you got into acting. Will you share it with our readers?

When I was 26, I had a divorce. I started working out and training regularly. I was asked over and over again if I was an actor. I’d reply, “No just a landscaper”. So I tried it and got nominations right away.


An acting career can be tough. What keeps you going even in tough times?


Drew, is there even just 1 more thing you can say that will help other actors?


Follow Drew on IMDB 

LIKE Sheer Outdoor Havens on Facebook

Have you seen Sleepless? Tell us your reaction to the movie in a comment below!

Coach Jonna Johnson At Black Women Film Summit

Jonna Johnson, Acting Coach
Jonna Johnson, Featured Acting Coach of the 20th Anniversary Black Women Film Summit

The Actor’s Scene’s very own Coach Jonna Johnson shared her coaching expertise with youth attendees at the 20th Anniversary of the Black Women Film Summit which was held in Atlanta, GA recently. It was obvious from the enthusiasm of the young actors that Coach Jonna is a favorite at these events. Many asked questions about exercises and experiences with her from the previous year’s summit as well. The students were also eager to share with her their accomplishments in acting since her last workshop. Commercials, music videos, and films were among the projects they mentioned having worked on.


After the introductions and project shout outs, it was time to


Did you know you could warm up your imagination? Well you can and actors have to! Imaginative work doesn’t just happen, you have to warm it up!


True to her energetic coaching style, Coach Jonna had the young actors up and on their feet for a large part of the workshop. She engaged them in warm up excercises, focus games and role plays.


Anyone who has studied with Coach Jonna knows how supportive she is of her students and that she promotes them at every possible opportunity. This event was no different! She invited TAS Student Tyler Hibbard to assist her in the workshop by leading a focus game called Distractors.


One would think that after a full day as one of the featured coaches for the Black Women Film Summit Coach Jonna would be ready for a break, but NOT COACH JONNA! She headed right back to The Actor’s Scene afterwards for more coaching! Interested in being coached by the best? Visit or call 770-904-6646 to enroll in one of our summer camps or even private coaching. See you soon!

Summer Camps For Young Actors!

And here’s 1 more reason to REGISTER today – ALL Camps are on Sale 15% Off for the next 8 days – now through Feb 28th! 

Ages 4-7 Click here to REGISTER for Summer Camps

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Social Media Freebies For Actors

Announce your next booking on Instagram or Facebook fast and easy with these pre-designed posts! Just drag to your desktop or save on your device. Then post!


Want more Social Media Freebies for Actors?

Visit the event page for our Actor’s Social Media Workshop 

Created by: Dana Rice, TAS Media Director

Top 10 Ways To Endear Yourself To A Talent Agent

1. Proper marketing of yourself to appeal to the Agent in the correct way is first on the list. Management of your Facebook, Twitter & IG is commonly viewed by Industry Professionals as they can freely view your lifestyle & know whether or not to take you seriously as a partner! Having separate personal and YOU as the ACTOR accounts is highly recommended. Then keeping professional contacts only on the business page and never mixing. This way you can brand yourself and control the things that go up on the actor account. Never vent, post compromising pics or complain on these actor accounts.

2. Have a great variety of professional looks/characters/expressions ready for agent to submit you for auditions that day. The trend today requires actors to have a variety of looks in their photos so that agents can choose the most suitable picture to submit that matches a role. For example, if the role is for a homeless person and the only pic you have is look that is fresh, commercial and smiling, casting is going to have a hard time seeing you could play the role. It’s harder than ever to be chosen for the audition. Help your agent by giving them all the tools they need.

3. Set up your Profile sites (i.e. Actors Access, 800 Casting, Casting Network) for agent to view link.

4. Gain IMDB credits & add to resume (even non paid, short films) are experience so go for it & build that IMDB and your resume. Casting has more confidence in people who have worked before.

5. Sign up to a consistent training program. Most agents are now requiring consistent training for their actors. They are known to drop talent who aren’t staying

trained. The southeast market is more competitive than ever before. In order to compete, you have to gain the skills and keep working toward improvement. That is what professionals do. Agents want to represent actors who are professionals. Not enough time or money is not an acceptable excuse for agents.

6.“Tell me a little bit about yourself?” Are you prepared to answer this dreaded question? Whether is an agent Interview, callback, or casting asking you to talk about yourself on tape, are you prepared with your “60 sec sell”? Agents & Casting Directors ask this to get to know the talent’s personality and life outside of acting. Be prepared for this trick question! Don’t just “list” things for 60 seconds. Pick a couple of things that are interesting and list then use one to lead into a fun story, experience of event that you can talk about that gets you excited to talk about. Then you come across as fun an full of expression naturally.

7.Know the “Because Rule”. Agents will treat an interview like casting would an audition & ask you questions to get to know you & the creativity you possess. Always answer the question with adding a “because” and keep going. Even with questions that only require a one word answer. You can’t showcase your personality with one word answers. For example: What is your favorite color? Purple BECAUSE the color makes me feel calm and steady.

8. ALWAYS get back to your agent within 2 hours of their email or call. They don’t have time to wait on you. If they don’t hear back, they will move on to the next person.

9. ALWAYS be prepared for everything! It’s your job as an actor. Even if you have been told to prepare one thing and you get to audition and they want you to do something else, Smile, say sure and do the other. Don’t try to give excuses or throw your agent under

the bus. Be professional and do the new material with a great attitude. Have prepared 2 contrasting monologues. You may never be asked to do them but if you do and don’t have anything prepared—what does that say about you? BE PREPARED!!

10. For Parents: Let your child answer all questions, plan to wait outside the room, but if invited by agent, do not speak for your child. Prepare your child to be readily willing to have a conversation with their new potential partner in their career!

Know that signing with an agent is a partnership, your agent does not Work for You, but rather With You!

Ready to take your career even further? Sign up for our upcoming Business of The Business Workshop and Social Media For Actors Workshop!

unnamed-5Written By Jonna Johnson, Head Coach at The Actor’s Scene

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